Viola by Rolf Waefler 2022, Andrea Guarneri (Conte Vitale) model

    Back Length 419mm (16 1/2")

    Body Stop  222mm

   String Length 375mm

Waefler Violins

Waefler Violins - Instruments with superior tonal qualities

   Tenor Viola by Rolf Waefler 2015, Brothers Amati 1592 model

   Back Length 458mm (18")
   Body Stop  248mm
   String Length 400mm

Instruments currently for sale or available for trial


Please browse the gallery for instruments that are currently for sale or available for an unconditional trial. 

  Instruments become available on an ongoing basis so please email me for more information.

   Viola by Rolf Waefler 2020, Antonio Stradivari ( Archinto)  model

   Back Length 424mm (16 5/8")
   Body Stop  220mm
   String Length 373mm

     Violin by Rolf Waefler 2015, Stradivari (Viotti) model

     Back Length 356mm (14")
     Body Stop 195mm
     String length 326mm

    Viola by Rolf Waefler 2021, Andrea Guarneri (Conte Vitale) model

    Back Length 420mm (16 1/2")

    Body Stop  222mm

   String Length 377mm