Waefler Violins

Fine Handcrafted String Instruments

​Bespoke  or traditional instruments with fittings and strings of choice

Rolf Waefler

Waefler Violins - Instruments with superior tonal qualities

Crafted with care for musicians of all ages and abilities

Individually hand crafted, highly responsive and powerful instruments


​ Hello and welcome to Waefler Violins​  - Handcrafted Violins, Bespoke Violas

  My name is Rolf Waefler and I am an independent viola and violin maker based in the East                

  Midlands of England and a graduate of the Newark School of Violin Making and holder    

  of J&A Beare's of London Diploma in Violin Making.
  With over 17 years experience my passion is to craft high quality handmade violins and violas. 

Based on the great Italian masters (principally Stradivari, Guarneri and Guadagnini ) my instruments focus

on the acoustics and outstanding tonal qualities that are expected of a handcrafted instrument.

My speciality is the making of bespoke violas.

The responsiveness and projection of each instrument is blended with the ease of playability

and handling of the instrument in terms of weight and expert setup.

    Please browse my site and contact me if you would like to simply try out and play one of my instruments or indeed 

commission your own instrument - a unique violin or viola.