Each of my instruments is made entirely by hand to the very highest standards of    

  craftsmanship from beginning to end.

  I am happy to accept commissions for new instruments made to suit your  

  personal requirements in terms of tonal qualities ( timbre, colour, projection) and

  model  (e.g. Guarneri, Guadagnini, Stradivari, Banks etc.) .

   The size of the instrument particularly where violas are concerned is highly

  customisable. Violas with a back length ranging from sub -14 inches up to 18 inches    are available. Similarly the type of wood used in the construction of the

   instrument as well as the colour of the varnish can be specified also.

  Fittings and type and make of strings are always of the highest quality and subject to   personal preference.

  Typically a commissioned instrument will be completed within three to six months.

  All my instruments are guaranteed to be free from any defects inherent in the

  instrument indefinitely otherwise any repairs will be completed at no charge.

DeMunck Stradivari cello during construction

15 inch copy of the 1785 Guadagnini viola

High quality instruments individually crafted

Waefler Violins

High quality bridges and fittings

Baroque fingerboard on a Viola D'Amore

Bridge detail of an instrument

Traditional hand tools  being used in the making process

Waefler Violins - Instruments with superior tonal qualities