Integrity and honesty are key to my work - each of my instruments is made entirely by hand to the very highest standards of craftsmanship from beginning to end.

Only the finest alpine tone woods and oil varnishes are used in and on my instruments.

The initial setup consists of either Pirastro Obligato or Evah Pirazzi strings.

Also, by demand, I now use precision made ultra light Wittner tailpieces with 4 integrated fine tuners.

I source my wood from  Le Bois de Lutherie and ALPENTONHOLZ PAHLER, both regarded as the finest suppliers of tonewood in the world. This wood is naturally seasoned over many years.

The front and back of each instrument is carefully tuned according to the size of the instrument (modes 1, 2 and 5). This allows the resonances of the instrument to be harmonised which in turn maximises the sound quality in terms of projection and clarity.

 A photographic portfolio of the entire making process accompanies each of my instruments.

My Guarantee

Every single instrument I make is hand made to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Commissioned instruments are fitted with strings of player's choice and additionally a full 
picture portfolio of the instrument's creation will be supplied.

All my instruments are guaranteed to be free from any defects inherent in the instrument 
indefinitely otherwise any repairs will be completed at no charge.

The bridge and post can be adjusted to the player's preferences at no extra cost for the 
first 12 months of ownership